How long does the shape of leather shoes last?

How long does the shape of leather shoes last?

leather shoe refers to a shoe made of natural leather as the upper and leather or rubber, plastic, PU foam, PVC as the sole, which is processed by sewing, gluing, injection molding and other processes. The CHARACTERISTIC OF leather shoes IS BREATHABLE, HYgroSCOPIC, HAVE GOOD HYGIENIC PERFORMANCE, IT IS THE shoe WITH THE highest GRADE in all kinds of shoe boots.

Leather shoes are important accessories in our life and work, we need it every day, a pair of good leather shoes to wear on the feet, can make us energetic, work efficiency greatly improved, how to make our leather shoes easy to wear, do not grind feet, and keep a good shape? Here, we need the cedar SHOE TREE. How well does the shape hold?


Red cedar shoe trees maintain the shape of men’s leather shoes.

The red cedar shoe trees maintain the original shape of men’s formal shoes to preserve the beauty of the leather. The three parts of the shoe trees stretch the leather as it dries to inhibit creases and prevent the shoes from slumping. The raw red cedar absorbs moisture to help the shoes dry out and its perforations along the front fight against stagnating moisture by channelling it inside the wood. The high absorption properties of these shoe trees make them the ideal leather accessories for extending the useful life of your shoes, even when worn several times per week. In addition to absorbing moisture, the red cedar is naturally scented to fight against unpleasant odours and freshen up your shoes. The strong spring stems of these shoe trees exert just the right amount of tension to stretch the leather without damaging it and its thick and rounded shape adapts to any standard pair of shoes.

Use your red cedar shoe trees to hold the shape of your shoes as soon as you take them off, or for easier handling during shoe care. To place a shoe tree into your shoe, simply slide the front section down into the shoe without forcing it. Remember to keep one hand on the front of the shoe while the other hand inserts the shoe tree. After placing shoe tree as far as it can go, squeeze on its sides through the leather to insert it a bit further in order to exert enough tension on the leather. Then, squeeze the shoe tree to compress its spring stems and slide it down to the bottom of the heel. This will ensure that the leather stays in shape each time you use your shoe tree. To remove the shoe tree, push gently on the heel to compress the spring stems and pull it upwards to easily slide it out of the shoe without damaging the leather.

This shoe tree is lightweight enough to carry along with you when travelling and won’t overload your suitcase. Store your shoe trees in a dry place away from sunlight when not in use.

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Post time: Nov-03-2022