How to care your shoes?



We need to wear shoes every day, shoes are essential partners in our life. Because shoes require basic daily care, the leather in leather shoes is a material that needs enthusiastic care, it is one of nature’s finest materials, for all products and more information, be sure to check out our,

How to care of shoes:

1. First remove all dust and sand from your shoes with a brush or damp cloth.

2. Secondly, use a rag to apply shoe polish, evenly apply and let dry. The shoe polish will nourish the leather deeply. Let dry for five minutes, then brush off with a horsehair brush.

3. Step Apply shoe polish with a rag and evenly apply the cream. Let dry for five minutes. Shoe polish will again nourish, recolor, protect and give a soft shine. Brush it off with a horsehair brush. Repeat this step up to three times depending on the status of the shoe.

4. After the basic care of the shoes, put them in with our cedar wooden shoe tree. Cedar is one of the wood with the best characteristics, which can keep your shoes fresh and in good shape. Cedar provides a special aroma, which can add fragrance to our shoes. In addition to our cedar wooden shoe tree, we also offer travel appropriate beech wooden shoe trees, shoe tree for sneakers and equally important, our own luxury lightweight travel shoe trees. We offer shoe trees in different kinds of wood, such as cedar, beech, lotus and pine.



Cedar shoe tree



Beech wood shoe tree

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Beech shoe trees


Here’s a tip: The shoe trees also acts as an extra pair of hands, making it easier to shine your shoes and keep them in shape while polishing and brushing them

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Post time: Dec-05-2022