Shoe last is a shoe ?

Shoe last is a shoe ?

Shoe last s a shoe?shoe last It is a mold for shoes. In ancient China, shoemakers took wood as the model and made shoes through its wooden foot.

Shoe last not only decides shoe modelling and style, more deciding whether the shoe fits, whether to play the role of protecting the foot.  therefore, shoe last design must be based on the foot type, but not like foot type, because the feet in stationary and motion state, its shape, size, stress has changed, and the variety of shoes, style, processing technology, performance, raw and auxiliary materials in different environment and conditions, the model of shoe last, and each part size can’t be like the foot type completely. Therefore, the modern shoe last design not only involves a variety of disciplines but also has very high requirements for manual skills and experience. But far away in ancient times has appeared on the shoe last. In the first century BC, there was an image of a shoemaker pulling out from the inside of the shoe on the mural of Hercranem. In 1961, two wooden lasts were unearthed in the ruins of Niya on the ancient Silk Road in Xinjiang. One lasts 24 cm long, 8.5 cm wide and 8 cm thick for a man, and the other lasts 21.5 cm long, 7 cm wide and 6 cm thick for a woman. It is from the Tang Dynasty 1400 years ago. The earliest last workshop in China was Wang Ji Last workshop opened by Wang Arong in Shanghai in 1851. In 1855 Britain began to have a mechanism last, until the beginning of the 20th century to have the last industry. Last has wood, plastic and metal 3 kinds of materials.

shoe last

一.One Classification of shoe last:

1. Wooden shoe last

shoe last1

2. Metal shoe lasts


3. Plastic shoe lasts

1.1 Wooden last is one of the earliest designs and uses. Artisans usually use hard, dense wood with fine grain, such as beech, cedar, lotus, and pine.

1.2 Cedar wood has a unique natural aroma, does not need paint treatment, not moldy, because it is the first choice for the production of superior last

2.1 Metal lasts need to be moulded and formed as a whole. However, metal is a heavy material, so the weight of a pair of shoe lasts is heavy and cannot be modified after forming.

3.1 Plastic shoe last, made of HDPE high-density polyethylene, is the cheapest among the three, and is the main type of shoe last used in modern shoe industry. Injection into the shoe last blank, and then use the shoe last machine cutting processing.

Shoe last and shoe trees, shoe shield is different.

Cedar Shoe Tree With Twin Tubes1

Shoe last is mainly used for making shoes. Shoe trees and shoe shields are used to protect the shape of shoes from deformation. The price of shoe trees and shoe shield is lower than the shoe last.


A pair of shoes, it is to decide whether to fit by shoe last above all, style modelling is decided by shoe last.

Modern shoes have running shoes, leather shoes, boots and so on, so the shoe last also has different shapes, sizes and sizes.

Shoe last, the soul of shoes.

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