What is a shoehorn?

What is a shoehorn?


Shoehorn is also called shoe slipper. Put the shoehorn into the heel of the shoe, as long as you step on it, you can easily and quickly put the shoes on, avoid direct contact with the hands of the shoes, sanitary and convenient. Ancient shoehorn has a certain collection value.


The more valuable ones are those made of ivory, jade, ox horns, agate, crystal, animal bones, gold, silver, rosewood, sandalwood and other valuable wood materials;

Common are copper, iron, aluminum, alloy and other common metals, as well as ordinary wood, plastic

At present, plastic shoehorn is the cheapest, wooden shoehorn durable.

How to use shoehorn:


1. When wearing shoes, you should first loosen the shoelace and then use the shoehorn. 2. When wearing shoes, do not squeeze hard. Wear shoes with shoelaces should develop the habit of loosening the shoelaces before wearing.

The shoe horn has long and short, you can buy according to your own needs.

What else does the shoehorn do?

In addition to being used as a shoe tool, some shoe plugs can also be used for itching, especially for middle-aged and elderly people and disabled patients;

Or used to hook, beat daily articles of clothing, etc., is also very convenient.

The shoehorn is a light skateboard that helps the foot reach into the shoe. It is mainly used in tight shoes. It is placed in the heel and lifted up to make the shoe easy to put on. The shoehorn is made of the shape of the heel, and it is slightly curved inward. Generally, the upper end of the shoehorn is small for hand grip, the handle has eyes for hanging, and the lower end is flat and can be attached to the heel. Shoehorn is made of more materials, such as animal bones, horns, copper, ivory, plastic, etc., when using, we should first put our feet into the shoes, and then push the feet close to the shoehorn, and then pull out the shoehorn.

Post time: Nov-11-2022